by: Daniel Wolfe   11/30/2017

It's all important week 13 and if you need a win to make the playoffs or you need a win to spoil someone else's playoff dreams, you've come to the right place. 


Set ‘Em: Quarterbacks


Philly Rivers - Chargers: This guy is on fire and up next are the winless Browns on a road trip. Grab your hotdog sticks, it’s going to be a weenie roast. Set ‘em!


Tygod Taylor - Bills: He runs, he passes, he’s at home and the Pats are coming to town. Cha-ching!


Forget ‘Em: Quarterbacks


Alex Smith - Chiefs: The shrinking violet has stunk for months now and has to travel to the Big Apple and face the scrappy Jets. Uh uh. Forget ‘em!


Matty Ice - Falcons: He hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire this year and a showdown with the rough and tough Vikings defense ain’t the way to stoke the flames.


Set ‘Em: Running Backs


Jamaal Williams - Packers: Currently the only show in town with Ty and Aaron injured, Jamaal has been getting tons of usage and the Buccaneers are a tasty matchup. Set ‘em!


Christy McCaffrey - Panthers: He’s coming off a good game and will be needed to move the ball in what could be a high scoring affair in the Superdome. Giddy up!


Forget ‘Em: Running Backs


DeMarco Murray - Titans: It’s pretty simple, he stinks and he’s splitting time with Henry. Forget ‘em!


Tevin Coleman - Falcons: Freeman is over his headache and the Vikings are a migraine to most running backs.


Set ‘Em: Wide Receivers


Teddy Gin, Jr. - Saints: REVENGE game against the Panthers at home in New Orleans. In the previous matchup Teddy had some big plays and that should continue this week.


Davante Adams - Packers: He has blackmail material on Hundley and is reaping the target rewards. Brett only has eyes for Davante and you should set ‘em!

Forget ‘Em: Wide Receivers


T.Y. Hilton - Colts: Jalen Ramsey and his band of thieving Jaguars say, forget T.Y..


Sammy Watkins - Rams: Sammy has a date with Patty Peterson and you should give them privacy on their island vacation.


Set ‘Em: Tight Ends


Jared Cook - Raiders: His top two WR teammates are not playing and the Giants “defense” is travelling to the Black Hole. Yup. Set ‘em.


Vern Davis - Redskins: Jordan Reed is taking his usual medical sabbatical and Vern should bounce back big time against the stumbling Cowboys.


Forget ‘Em: Tight Ends


Ricky Seals-Jones - Cardinals: Nothing against Ricky, I think he’s a promising young prospect, but I’m not trusting him yet in important week 13. No thanks.


Julius Thomas - Dolphins: Sure it’s a REVENGE game and the Broncos are terrible defending tight ends. Unfortunately for Julie, the Dolphins are terrible at everything. Forget ‘em!


Set ‘Em: Defenses


Tennessee Titans: Tom Savage and the Texans come to Music City. Saddle up those Titans!


Denver Broncos: Miami Dolphins and Smoking Jay Cutler spells defensive points.

Forget ‘Em: Defenses


Seattle Seahawks: The Legion of Boom has been disbanded and the Eagles are lighting up everyone. Forget ‘em.


Carolina Panthers: On the road on the fast track of the New Orleans Superdome against the potent Saints? Nope. Not this week.