Yankees winning more fans!

2/13/2018 9:07:12 AM
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At the start of the training sessions and camping for the new coming season, many were skeptical about the prospects  of the Yankees doing well at the front this year. However, the recent announcement that the club has sold more than 560, 000 tickets is a way to show to show that they are the top club in NFL. Also, considering that Aaron Judge, the MVP of year 2017 is still with the club gives the fans the belief that it is another season for them to have incredible home runs. What do you think, you see Yankees doing well this season? 

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They have great players, all they have to do is play their very best. I believe they have the chance to win the major league.

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That's the reason they have my support always. The club are doing all they could to ensure they get the best players in the division and I know that is how more fans tend to watch them for some outsiders will like to identify with the team that is doing well and challenging for the title every season. 

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TSFN 30697
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The Yankees is a very popular team, and is has valuable players. I think all they need to do is concentrate and give all they got to achieve great results. Also a lot of training and dedication can take them far. I have faith that they will do well this season.

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@TSFN 30697

If you are following the team, you would come to realzoerthat they are not joking with their training schedule for no reason. I'm pretty sure that the way they plan well before each season and during mid season break has helped to keep the team in shape for the coming season. 

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TSFN 30670
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Yeah definitely, I believe the team will continue to do great things for the season and the additional fans will only give them a boost to improve and continue their training. The Yankees are already very popular, nice to know they're still growing their fanbase. Hope these people are not bandwagoners though.

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