Someone has to step up for Knicks with KP out

2/13/2018 7:55:30 AM
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I find the current situation of knicks problematic. As of what I can see they are quite troubled without the presence of KP.  I think they should find someone from their roster to give them a little push to play harder despite the high possibility of losing the playoffs berth. Who do you think among the current knicks players should step up for KP?

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All of them should step up, It's time for their rookies to show their talent, specially right now that Porzingis is out.  They have more playing time right now, and it's good for them to play as a team, because they don't have primary player right now.  Kanter and beasley should work hard to get the rebound.

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TSFN 30670
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Yea Porzingis really held the team together but everyone in the team has to step up. We have very young players who definitely will improve with the additional experience of playing wvs stronger teams when we don't have our best players.

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One thing that I've come to notice in a great baseball is the need for everyone to keep the team going and that's what I expect the Knicks to do at this moment. The veteran is out and I expect everyone at the club to rise up and show that they can still winning games for him .

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