Willy Hernangomez seeking trade from Knicks

2/6/2018 8:14:24 PM
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Hernangomez 6'11, 8.2 points, 7 rebounds 1.3 assists in 18 minutes ave. of playing time. I hope the knicks find something about his potential, and not allow him to leave the team. If Porzingis and Hernangomez find the connection, their gonna be a good tandem. what can you say about this trade rumor?

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TSFN 30683
2/8/2018 5:00:31 AM Report Abuse

Well they're really looking to trade him. I think he's not that valuable to Knicks. If they could get another all star that could help carry Knicks like Kemba Walker, the Knicks could be a playoff contending team.

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TSFN 30670
2/12/2018 8:18:49 AM Report Abuse

Well the trade was really not a good move for the Knick, we already have a good player for a second-round pick which isn't always the case and we traded him just to get more draft picks who we're not sure if they turn out to be Hernangomez' caliber. Even worse now that Porzingis is injured.

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Right,  They need Herangomez right now a big man like Porzingis.  But if they could find a guard or playmaker by trading Henangomez that would be much better.  Right now without Porzingis, it's time for the other player to step up and contribute.  More playing time for the rookies and other player.  I know some player will shine for the knicks. 

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