Henrik Lundqvist

1/29/2018 1:30:09 AM
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Do you think Henri Lundqvist still has it?

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1/29/2018 9:25:43 AM Report Abuse

Why would you think he doesn't have it? Yes, he allowed a few goals in a couple of games, but I think it's too soon announce the end of Lundvist. 

The problem with really good players is that whenever they underperfom on a few occasions, people think that they are over. 

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1/30/2018 5:17:05 PM Report Abuse

Totally agree, he can still play like a champ, as always.

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1/30/2018 8:13:32 PM Report Abuse

Yes he definitely still has it. His stats are fairly consistent year to year and this year is no exception. His save percentage is .922, which is pretty much on par with his career average of .920. His GAA are right around where they usually are (although this can't always be faulted by the goalie) and even his W/L record is about the same.


The guy has been consistent for years... and is doing fine this year.

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1/31/2018 9:31:12 PM Report Abuse

Glad to hear, that so many people suport him, he is amazing!

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TSFN 30679
2/5/2018 5:54:23 PM Report Abuse

Looking pretty good for 35 I'd say. If there wasn't a ban on players participating he probably would have been at the Olympics this year with his brother. He certainly has a few good years left before age catches up, barring any serious injury.

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